Blockout Tools Plugin

Blockout Tools is a lightweight and extremely easy to use set of tools to quickly block out / greybox your levels in Unreal Engine 4. It consists of various primitive elements with convenient scale and transform controls and custom triplanar grid material to ease the level design workflow.

A well received product in Unreal community.

Blockout Types

  • Box
  • Cone
  • Corner Curved
  • Cylinder
  • Ramp
  • Skewbox
  • Sphere/Hemisphere
  • Stairs Curved
  • Stairs Linear
  • Stairs Linear Manual
  • Doorway (v 1.1)
  • Railing (v 1.1)
  • Window (v 1.2)
  • Tube (v 1.3)
  • Corner Ramp (v 1.41)


  • Easily scalable elements with either Vector 3D Widget or inside Details panel
  • Super quick access to Blockouts from a new custom category in Place Mode
  • Self-explanatory settings
  • Configurable look and color of blockout types
  • Default Blockout Color, Grid Size and such can be configured in Project Settings
  • Local-aligned triplanar grid material which supports object rotation
  • World-aligned triplanar grid material
  • Support for custom materials
  • Lightweight
  • 15 blockout types
  • Custom editor icons


This is really fast and intuitive tool that will help you quickly build something. This is as good as SuperGrid , but has that Quick Access thing that makes this better.


An absolutely phenomenal plugin, I highly recommend it. It’s made level design and prototyping a thousand times easier. Super quick, convenient, and easy to use – zero set up required and no hassle at all. Some additional objects would be nice to have, but what it has currently is already fantastic. By far the best blockout plugin on the marketplace, especially for such a cheap price.


This is the single best thing I’ve bought on this store and I suggest if you make levels or at least the layout of levels then get this plugin immediately! 100% better than BSP in every way, best $15 I’ve ever spent!


Supported Platforms: Win64, Win32, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, Switch, Xbox One, PS4
Supported Engine Versions: 4.22-4.27, 5.0
Type: Code Plugin
Current Version: 1.51