ProInstance Tools Plugin

ProInstance Tools is a lightweight set of tools to control mesh or actor placement using procedural generation with easy to understand and unified settings. It can help you avoid doing lots of repetitive tasks in level or environment design.

ProInstance Types

  • Circle
  • Grid
  • Path
  • PathScatter
  • Scatter


  • Almost endless ways to place meshes/actors
  • Self-explanatory unified settings
  • Snapping and alignment to a surface below
  • Support for snapping and alignment to a surface below
  • Instant switching between component types: Static Mesh, Instanced Static Mesh (ISM), Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh (HISM) and any other Actor Class
  • Ability to manage transform settings either per instance or for all at once
  • Controlled randomization using seed number
  • Quick access to ProInstance types from new custom category in Place Mode
  • Bake function (converting to separate Static Meshes or Actor Classes)
  • 5 ProInstance types
  • Lightweight
  • Custom icons
  • Can improve performance and reduce drawcalls
  • Designed to be as easy to use as possible


I’ve saved days of work using it this week, plenty of options to play around with and its so quick to get an idea down!
Cheers for this, it really is a must have for me now.


We started working with early versions of the plugin in 2018 and it saved a huge amount of time for our lvl designers, not to mention the optimization.
The current version is a must have in the list of tools for creating locations of different sizes.


Using this plug-in has improved my workflow. I don’t usually review items in the marketplace out of laziness, however, this plug-in helps that laziness and I think that deserves some attention. Thank you so much for the great plug-in. 🙂


Supported Platforms: Win32, Win64, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, Switch, Xbox One, PS4
Supported Engine Versions: 4.23 – 4.27, 5.0 – 5.1
Type: Code Plugin
Current Version: 1.27