Privet and welcome to my portfolio! 

I’m a UE4 & UE5 Developer and Technical Artist and I have a strong passion for technical side of games, different art styles and terrific game experiences as a whole. So here’s some of my works. Please feel free to explore the site and to contact me with any questions.


  • Unreal Engine 4 & 5
  • Blueprints Scripting
  • C++ (Junior)
  • Materials/Shaders
  • Modelling/Texturing
  • Tools
  • Procedural Generation
  • VFX
  • Scene Lighting
  • Git
  • Prototyping
  • Art Pipelines

Marketplace Plugins & Assets

Sky Creator

An extensive tool to control dynamic weather and time of day using realistic volumetric clouds, atmosphere and visual effects.

Blockout Tools Plugin

Lightweight and extremely easy to use set of tools to quickly block out / greybox levels in Unreal Engine.

ProInstance Tools Plugin

A set of tools to control procedurally generated placement of meshes or actors with easy and unified settings.


Reign of Guilds

Position: Technical Artist
Optimization, Tools, Materials, Blueprints, Assets, VFX, AI

Sometimes I create games as solo developer Somberhead in a spare time. Here’s a most notable ones.

Fragment: Contours of a Dream

Unreal Engine 4
Atmospheric First Person Platformer

Fragment: ÆLSE

Unreal Engine 4
Top Down Arena

Fragment: The Railroad

Unreal Engine 4
Atmospheric First Person Experience with Narrative Elements


Atmospheric First Person Experience with Horror Elements

Tech Art and Various