Sky Creator

Sky Creator is an extensive tool to control dynamic weather and time of day using realistic volumetric clouds, atmosphere and visual effects in Unreal Engine. With a built-in weather preset system you can create endless amounts of different looking weather and lighting conditions and switch any of them in realtime.


  • Weather Presets System: allows you creating endless amounts of different looking weather and lighting conditions
  • Unified Multi-layered Volumetric Cloud material with extended quality settings
  • Highly art-directable and customizable: from vast realistic cloudscapes to stylized looking skies
  • Modular design: you can easily control Sky Creator with your own blueprint time manager or weather controller
  • Built-in Weather FX (CPU & GPU Particles): Rain, Rain Splashes, Snow, Lightnings, Volumetric Wind, etc.
  • Built-in Material FX (Shaders): Wetness, Puddles, Rain Ripples, Rain Streaks, Snow, etc
  • Runtime Occlusion System with a smooth falloff
  • Simplified and Real positioning models for Sun & Moon
  • Photorealistic Starmap with rotation, star twinkle effect, moon phases, etc.
  • Lightweight (as possible) and relatively easy to use
  • Game-ready optimization
  • 39 included Weather Preset examples
  • Included Blueprint Controllers examples
  • Network Replicated



This is the best purchase I have ever made, incredably versatile and can be used to do whatever you can imagine. AAA quality skies made easy!


Quick and easy to use lighting set, the weather preset system is absolutely fantastic.


I’m a beginner to Unreal, and had bought a few sky plugins. This one is the most intuitive but also very customizable. Worth the price for me.


Supported Platforms: Win32, Win64, Mac, Linux
Supported Engine Versions: 4.26 – 4.27, 5.0 – 5.4
Type: Code Plugin
Version: 1.40.2