Sky Creator

Sky Creator is an extensive tool to control dynamic time of day and weather settings using realistic volumetric clouds and atmosphere in Unreal Engine 4. With a built-in weather preset system you can create endless amounts of different looking weather and lighting conditions and switch any of them in realtime.


  • Built upon native Volumetric Cloud & Sky Atmosphere components allowing high scalability
  • Unified two-layered Volumetric Cloud material
  • Weather Presets: allows you creating endless amounts of different looking weather and lighting conditions
  • Modular design: you can easily control Sky Creator settings with your own time manager
  • Highly art-directable and customizable: from vast realistic cloudscapes to stylized looking skies
  • Simplified orbital model: you can set custom time for dawn, sunrise, sunset, dusk and for moon aswell
  • Lightweight (as possible) and relatively easy to use
  • Game-ready optimization
  • Built-in Weather FX: Rain, Rain Splashes, Snow
  • Photorealistic stars with rotation, moon phases, etc.
  • 26 included Weather Preset examples – clear, cloudy, foggy, overcast, stylized etc.
  • Network Replicated


Supported Platforms: Win32, Win64, Mac, Linux
Supported Engine Versions: 4.26-4.27, 5.0 EA
Type: Code Plugin
Current Version: 1.12