Screen Space Fog Scattering

Screen Space Fog Scattering is a new post process shader that enhances the look of Exponential Height Fog by adding the simulation of light scattering inside it. The effect adds the necessary feel of a dense fog and it can be a great final touch on the mood of your scenes.

Using the engine classes, the plugin safely injects the shader into the rendering pipeline ensuring that it’s compatible with all other default post process effects.


  • Applies automatically on any scene or blueprint that’s using “Exponential Height Fog”
  • The intensity of the effect is also dependent on “Exponential Height Fog” settings
  • Support for Volumetric Fog
  • Support for Sky Atmosphere
  • No additional setup required (besides installing the plugin)
  • Compatible with all default post process effects
  • Fixed and small performance cost
  • Lightweight

Comparison screenshots

Screenshots showing a scene before (just the Exponential Height Fog) and after (Exponential Height Fog + Screen Space Fog Scattering)

Supported Platforms: Win64, Mac, Linux
Supported Engine Versions: 4.27, 5.0 – 5.4
Type: Code Plugin
Version: 1.13